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Are you looking for a speaker who can deliver a solid workshop, seminar, or keynote on marketing in PLAIN ENGLISH with no technobabble … without being boring?

Do you know business owners who struggle with understanding how to use the latest technologies, develop content, or reach their desired audience?

In the past few years, I have delivered hundreds of presentations to a wide range of groups including national conferences, regional conferences, Chambers of Commerce, associations, nonprofit groups, and businesses.

Regardless of the setting or the number of participants, attendees always walk away with a better understanding of how to build and grow their business. One of the things I hear over and over again from participants is that I make the seemingly overwhelming and complicated aspects of marketing a business simple and easy to understand.

You will leave the presentation with a better understanding of whatever topic I am presenting that day. You will learn how to be more effective in every aspect of your marketing (and running your business), whether it is online using internet tools, offline using direct mail marketing, or simply managing your time better to get more done. You will hear the TRUTH about how real businesses do REAL marketing that gets results!

So let's schedule a time to talk. Call me anytime at 615-308-8078. If I am unavailable, leave a short message, and I will call you back within 24 hours of receiving your call.

"The Cheatham County Chamber of Commerce invited Mike Coleman to host a social media presentation to the membership. Mr. Coleman did a wonderful job of explaining the practical use of social media within a business, and each individual left the meeting with information specifically designed to help them implement what they had learned. We would gladly welcome Mr. Coleman back to Cheatham County for additional presentations."

- Ann Thompson, Director of Business Relations, Cheatham County Chamber

"The presentation you delivered at the breakout session for our PGA Spring Seminar was very well received and right on target for our attendees. We received several positive responses and would definitely like to have you come speak again at one of our upcoming conferences."

- Jeff Abbot, Executive Director, Tennessee Section PGA

"Thank you for the useful information you gave during your presentation. I have been in sales and marketing for 12 years but it is so easy to get off track. I am actually working on some of your ideas to implement in to our prospecting efforts for new business for our agency. The presentation was informative and you made the presentation enjoyable for everyone. Thanks again."

- L. J., Sales and Marketing Director

“Mike was very thorough, articulate, and personable. The content was concise, comprehensive, well-organized, and memorable."

“Not a sales pitch – very informative with applicable information and both strategic and tactical advice.”

“Good info on things we can apply one step at a time. The info you provided simplified the process.”

“Excellent presenter. Well informed. Great Content. Tons of info.”

“Very well presented. Very informative on how to set up both email marketing & social media marketing."

“I’ve been using email marketing for a while, but I learned a lot today about email marketing I didn’t already know.”

- Various Attendee Comments