Automated Sales Funnel

Would you like to have...

  • A website that clearly communicates what you do, who you serve and the transformation that takes place as a result of using your product or service?
  • An automated follow-up system that nutures and leads your prospects step-by-step through the sales process?
  • A pipeline filled with quality leads?

My complete lead generating sales funnel package will take care of all of the above and more! The most valuable asset in your business is your list and a lead generating sales funnel is a great first step to accelerating the process of building your list.

This package includes everything you need to start driving traffic to your website, building your list of leads and converting those leads to paying customers.

Here is a high level overview of what you get:

  1. A defining statement that clearly articulates what you do, who you serve and the transformation that takes place as a result of purchasing your product or service.
  2. A PDF lead magnet that is something of value you will give to website visitors in exchange for their email address.
  3. A landing page designed to generate leads.
  4. Content for all your pages using proven copywriting strategies.
  5. A five email automated sequence to follow-up with any leads you get through your website.

Here is a more detailed breakdown of the deliverables...

  • Set up a dedicated Gmail email address to handle all the administrative tasks for your landing page - Google Analytics, Google Search, Google Ads and any additional emails from your hosting company. This keeps everything in one place rather than having it mixed in with all your other emails.
  • Create your defining statement. This is the most important part of the process where you will clearly communicate, in one or two sentences, what you do, who you serve, and the transition that will take place as a result of purchasing your product or service.
  • Wireframe you landing page. This is a general layout with your images and content in a Word document.
  • Keyword research.
  • Create all content for your landing page using proven direct response copywriting strategies.
  • Create one PDF lead magnet. This could be a free report, guide, ebook or checklist you will give them in exchange for their email address.
  • Register your domain name.
  • Set up hosting for your landing page on SiteGround.
  • Install your SSL Certificate to secure your landing page.
  • Set up your business email. For
  • Install WordPress and theme.
  • Design and build your site using the wireframe we created earlier.
  • Design and build Confirmation/Thank You Page.
  • Add opt-in form to landing page.
  • Set up your professional email service provider using Constant Contact.
  • Autoresponder setup and buildout.
  • Create content for your five email follow-up sequence and add to autoresponder.
  • Set up Google Analytics for tracking and measurement.
  • Set up Google Search.
  • SEO (search engine optimization to increase your chances of appearing in search results.)
  • Submit your site to all the major search engines.
  • Eight marketing strategy calls.


To start driving traffic to your landing page as quickly as possible, I will create one Facebook Ad campaign.

  • Set up your Facebook Business account
  • Instal the Facebook Pixel on your landing page
  • Work with you to identify your ideal audience on Facebook
  • Set the right budget
  • Find the best graphic for your ad
  • Write your ad copy

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