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Since you have been in business for some time, I am assuming you already have a website. You may even have a social media account and have sent a few emails. You have your business cards and other print collateral in place. You are attending networking events. But for some reason, you’re marketing is not working. You feel like something is missing, but not quite sure how to fix it.

If you currently have a business and you're struggling with getting quality leads, converting those leads to paying clients, and follow-up, then you are in the right place. I will work with you to automate your follow-up process, create great content using proven direct response marketing strategies and implement a marketing plan that generates more leads, more sales, and more money.

Read the following for a few ideas on how we may be able to work together to improve your marketing…

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If you have been in business for a while, I am assuming you have a few marketing strategies already in place. You probably already the basics in place - website, social media, a professional email service provider. If you are missing any of these tools, I can assist you in building your website, setting up your social media account and your email service provider.

The first step is to make sure your one-liner (or defining statement) is communicating your message to your intended maret in an easy to undersatnd way so they an make a decision. You have to be able to quickly tell them what you do, who you serve, and the transformation that will take place as a result of purchasing your porduct or service.

The next step in us working together is to do a review of everything you have in place currently for your online marketing strategy. I will review your website to make sure it's working for you 24/7 to bring in leads and convert them to paying clients. You need more than a "contact us" form and a "tell us your specific requirements" form on your site. We will review your social media, paid ads and email marketing strategies.

Next we will review all your offline marketing pieces - brochures, business card, direct mail pieces - to see if the content is delivering your message in the best way possible.

Then we will develop a marketing plan that fits your business model and goals.

"I’m glad to recommend Mike Coleman. He has great insight into advertising and marketing. He took time to learn about the software products I sell and researched the industry and competitive products. Mike helped and advised on special requests including a redesign of banner ads. With pay-per-click advertising, he was able to consistently increase clicks while decreasing cost-per-click on Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn. His conservative approach helped ensure that advertising dollars were not wasted. Mike is dedicated to helping his clients succeed. I believe that anyone could learn and benefit from working with him." 
Michael Dowdie, ReCrystallize Software

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“The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and the lightning bug.” – Mark Twain

Copywriting is writing words that sell. It is putting words together in a way that encourages visitors to your website, readers of your ad, email recipients, and people you meet in person to take a specific action that ultimately leads to a sale.

Having strong copy on your website and in all your other marketing materials will have a dramatic impact on the response you get from your intended audience. And when you combine great copywriting with direct response marketing strategies, you have something that is almost magical. Words matter!

You will use copywriting everywhere...on your website, social media, video scripts, brochures, direct mail campaigns, newsletters, blog posts, one-on-one sales meetings, business cards, magazine ads, postcards, sales presentations, radio or TV commercials, and anywhere else where you are trying to share information leading the reader (or listener) to make a buying decision.

Being a great copywriter involves several skills including research, interviewing, editing, planning and implementing marketing campaigns. A great copywriter has skills beyond just writing. Don't make the mistake of trying to get your cousin, niece, "a guy who knows how to write", or some other person who is not well-versed in direct response copywriting.

"I had one session with Mike to rewrite the About Page on my website. I do not like to write, but Mike made the process fun and painless. After we were finished, I had the exact message I was trying to communicate to my target audience. Within a few days, I made several sales, which more than paid for Mike's services. One of my customers actually emailed me to tell me she decided to purchase after reading my About Page."
Kanetha Coffman, Business Owner

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You know it can be overwhelming trying to juggle everything you have to do on a daily basis. It can sometimes feel you are not making progress and your personal life is suffering as a result. My coaching programs will help you get back on track and create a more sustainable business, whether you need a one-time "tune-up" for your marketing or ongoing coaching.

"I’ve had a really life-changing series of meetings with my business mentor, Mike Coleman. He is helping me prioritize and focus my many endeavors so that I end up satisfied with the great things I wish to accomplish, with my professional and personal life in balance. His unique insight may have to do with his being a strange combination of businessman, musician, tech head, and psychologist! I highly recommend him."
- Judy Rodman, Vocal Coach, CMA Award Winner, Producer

Mike has changed my life as a small business owner. "Coach Mike", as I call him, has pushed me to grow, challenged me to make changes, and encouraged me when I faltered. From the time we started he picked up on the fact that my perfectionism was killing me (and my business), and he has been working with me - almost imperceptibly - to break the grip of my demanding, "never good enough" lifestyle. Mike's coaching for my business has spilled into my personal life and made me realize they are not separate entities. The bottom line: everything is better since I met Mike!
Carrie McConkey, Freelance Writer

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