3 Essential Elements of a Great Email 

Even in today’s social media driven world, one marketing tool stands head and shoulders above everything else…email marketing.

Email marketing is still the best way to build a list of prospects, suspects and clients. But there are a few things you need to know to ensure your success and to make your email marketing more effective.

Element #1 – A professional From email address

The first thing to consider is your From email address. This is the first thing that will get your reader’s attention. It’s important to use an email address that is recognizable and professional.

I see so many people using AOL, MSN, Hotmail, and Earthlink (yes they still exist) email addresses. These are generally less secure than an email address set up through a professional email service provider, such as GoDaddy or even through Google Gmail.

You can set up multiple Gmail address for free. I have several Gmail email addresses I use for different purposes. You can also set up tags and filter your Gmail into folders. It is not a perfect setup, but will help you be a little more organized with your incoming email. Google offers G Suite with several tools available that you may find useful. Just do your research and find the best option for you.

You can set up a professional email address in GoDaddy. Most website hosting providers offer an email account when you register your domain name usually at a nominal fee. (Unfortunately, the days of FREE are almost over.) You will want to set up your professional email address as yourname@yourbusiness.com or something similar. This let’s people know you are serious about your business. You also have the added advantage of having your business name in front of people every time you send an email.
I recommend everyone have at least a business email address and a Gmail account.

Element #2 – A great subject line

Once you have your From email address set up, the next step is to write a great subject line. It has to be something compelling. “August Newsletter” is not a good subject line. There is nothing that generates interest for the reader or encourages them to open your email.

Think about when you are reading through a magazine or reading a newspaper online. Do you read every word of every article or do you look through the headlines to find something that captures your attention? Of course, you are looking for something that peaks your interest. Once you find it, you read the related article.

The same thing happens when someone is reading through their list of emails. They are looking for a familiar email address and checking out the subject lines in their list of emails. So if they see a subject line such as “August Newsletter”, it will probably not peak their interest and they will delete it before they even read it.

On the other hand, if they see a subject line such as “5 Ways To Grow Your Business”, they will be more likely to open the email…if they are a business owner interested in growing their business. And this involves making sure you are sending your emails to the right audience. I will address this topic in a future blog post. But for now I want to stick with the three main things you need to have in your email to increase your chances of success.

Element #3 – Engaging, relevant, interesting content

That leads us to the third thing you need to have in your email…great content. If you are sending your email using a recognizable and professional From email address with a great subject line, you will get your email opened. But here is where the rubber meets the road. This is where you will either start building an engaged audience that can’t wait to get your next email or people will unsubscribe.

The number one reason people unsubscribe from your email list is sending irrelevant content. As I mentioned previously, the content could be irrelevant because you are sending your emails to the wrong audience. But it could also be because your email content does not provide anything of real value to your reader.

The best way to ensure you have great content is to always be thinking about how you can provide value for your email subscribers…NOT just focusing on selling something. If you are providing value, they will not unsubscribe and they will be more engaged with what you have to say. If you are constantly in selling mode when you send an email, ti will be difficult to build a large list of subscribers.

Those are the three elements of a successful email – recognizable and professional From email address; a great subject line; and valuable, relevant content. You will have success with email marketing and build an engaged list of raving fans if you pay attention to those three things.

One last thing I will mention is the importance of consistency in your efforts. Find a schedule for sending your emails you can stick with over a long period of time because the payoff for your email marketing will not happen overnight. It will take consistent, ongoing effort to make it work for you. Your schedule may be daily, weekly, or monthly. I find weekly to be the best option for me. Monthly is okay, but if you can’t send an email at least monthly, don’t even bother.

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All the best,

Mike Coleman